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The musicians of SPILLŸCK (lower Bergian for "gleemen" or "bandsmen") have been dedicating their work to the musical tradition of the duchies Jülich/ Cleve/ Berg. Nearly lost dances from the Lower Rhine area like rakish polkas, deft Siebensprünge and groovy Rhinelander let the feed of the audience seesaw and wanting them to dance. Enlightening hymns of the composer Johann Wilhelm Wilms, a coeval of Beethoven, and sad balads of the collector of songs Anton Wilhelm von Zuccalmaglio (“Kein schöner Land”) will sound during their concerts.

The sound of SPILLŸCK first and foremost is dominated by bagpipes. During the time of early Europe bagpipes had been very popular even in Rhineland and the Bergian area. You will find bagpipe playing angels in the windows of Altenberg Cathedral and many innumerable carvings, paintings and statues of people, creatures and the devil playing bagpipes.

Sometimes the musicians play wearing the traditional livery of the area and even tell anecdotes and stories to the songs and tunes.